Five Tips to Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is important to take care of your health because anything happen to your body will also affect your baby’s health. There are many things you need to pay attention during pregnancy. Thus, in this, we will give several tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

The following list will describe the simple guidelines to have a healthy pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy

  • Getting prenatal care: having a prenatal care is substantial to ensure your and your baby’s health. Contact the nearest healthcare provider to schedule the first prenatal visit to discuss your condition and find alternatives to avoid any complications in the future.
  • Eating healthy food: during pregnancy, you eat for two people, so it is important to increase your food intake up to 300 kcal/day. You also need extra protein, with up to 70 gram/day instead of the normal 45 gram/day. Make sure to eat well-cooker food.
  • Consuming prenatal vitamins: it is important to fulfill your daily iron and folic acid needs before pregnancy to reduce the risk of your baby having defects in the neural tube. Consult with your doctor about the recommended dose.
  • Having regular exercises: this is important to practice your endurance and strength so you can carry extra weight you have during pregnancy. It also helps you to prepare your body for laboring.
  • Getting enough rest: you can easily feel tired during pregnancy, so do not force yourself. Take everything lightly and let your body relax. You can also practice relaxation techniques, including massage, deep breathing, stretching, and yoga.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Those are several tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Other than physical health, emotional health also needs to be taken care. It is normal to have a mood swing during pregnancy, so don’t be shy to ask for supports from your husband and closest family member to avoid any depression.

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